September 20, 2021


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My Facebook page was used to stream Porn 😳😳😳… Apostle John Prah


Ghanaian pastor and Kumahood actor, Apostle John Prah has said he has to bid farewell to the chaotic world of social media after his social media handler shared explicit content on his page without his knowledge that almost got his name in the mud.

He told Tony Best on Akoma FM’s Kwantenpon Drive on Thursday that the guy shared pornographic content and it really affected his brand as a man of God and an actor who serves as a role model to thousands of people.

He said a few years ago, a young man approached him and suggested he could help him build up a strong audience on Facebook and help him share some of his gospel content-based messages and he agreed to let him.

β€œThere was this guy who was coming to my house to record some of my messages with the intention of putting them on Facebook.

β€œSo as the numbers grew bigger, somebody had approached me to place an advert on the page, so I directed him to talk to the guy in charge, but with time I realized the page was flooded with Pornographic materials and that put me off.

β€œAnd even apart from this scenario, others too were using fake accounts to dupe people in my name and all those have discouraged me from being active on any of the social media platforms.”