September 21, 2021


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Home » 26 years old lady explains why she marr!ed her own mother

26 years old lady explains why she marr!ed her own mother


Lady chase her mother and marries her with the fear of the mother leaving her for another man who hasn’t played any significant role in the lives and also how bad her father treated them growing up that made the mother catered for her alone.

Many people, including their relatives, assumed Lolita married her biological mother for no reason. They criticized and judged her.

They explained their decision to marry.

Lolita revealed that her mother took care of her and supported her alone. Her mother had to care for her alone because she had no father.
“My mother is all I have,” Lolita remarked.

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“… my mother knows how to make me happy,”

Lolita also indicated she wanted to live with her mother. So she married her.

Loreta, 44, said one of her biggest delights was marrying her daughter.

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“If I refuse to marry her, she may leave. I will do whatever it takes to make her happy,” the mother said.