June 12, 2021
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After 6years and 33 abortions. Guy propose and lady says …..

Wow. This is one bad relationship. A lady on Twitter posted how happy she was just after her guy proposed marriage to her.

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According to the post, They’ve dated for 6 solid years and the guy had a legal wife meaning this girl was a side chick.

Also she said in the post that she has done 33 abortions for this guy. Calculating 6 years by 33 it means she did more than 5 abortions in each year of the 6 years they’ve been in the relationship.

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This happened in the western world and things like these do not get into their head comparing it to Africa where thid would have been the biggest abomination that would make life very difficult for them. Sounds funny right ๐Ÿ˜‚

This is one bad relationship I’v heard of. Frankly speaking i haven’t heard anyone talking about 10 abortions before. Not to talk about 33 in 6 years. How much were they paying for each and how painful was it for the girl?

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This is so evil to me even though i do not want to judge them but in a world where there’s a continuous advertising on the use of Condoms, why on Earth must one suffer the pains of 33 abortions.

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She has done a lot of bad things with the guy and i hope karma takes it course