June 12, 2021
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Adelaide the seer is healing… Dope Nation reveals… Emtunez

Well for couple of months the question has been ‘Where is Adelaide the Seer?’ as she seems to be missing from the music scene and the internet too

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On 4th June 2021, DopeNation had a media tour to The Garden City, Kumasi and on Interview with Koo Sebo on the Pure95.7 Fm Drive Friday Version, DopeNation made so many revelations including the whereabout of the new Inspiration Adelaide the seer.

DopeNation wasn’t really willing to talk about her and I personally thought it was because of their Contract that didn’t go through as they expected that is why maybe they had partways but no, DopeNation finally made it known that Adelaide will surely return to the music scene.

They didn’t want to describe her as one of them or an artist under The DopeNation but rather call her part of their Give back to their fans. They claimed they had one other artists that they helped out that they wouldn’t claimed to pull him or her into their record label because the last time they did it brought some sort of misunderstandings between them and that Artist

Well the good News is Adelaide the Seer would definitely see again all because she wasn’t born with the blindness and therefore her chance of seeing again is 50% which according to DopeNation she is now gradually seeing some level of progress in her healing process.

Now if you really want to see Adelaide with Microphone again then start including her in your prayers. They described her situation as a type of disorder that is not connecting the sight veins from the eyes to the brain that is making her sight not work.