June 12, 2021
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Hard Truth: Twene Jonas hasn’t insulted Otumfuo in any of his Video… This is what he said

We all know what is going on that needed exactly what Brave Twene Jonas is doing. The Point at which the country Ghana is going towards isn’t encouraging and just like the national pledge enforces

‘Arise Ghana Youth For your Country

The Nation demands your Devotion’

So this is almost what Jonas is doing and trust me very soon we’re going to see some changes of mind and perspectives.

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Well, There is a particular rumour circulating that Twene Jonas has insulted the Greatest King In Africa the Asantehene which we all rose up with anger to condem such act because his position in the Development of Ghana is untouchable also he isn’t in direct Access to National resources that he could make decisions for Ruling Government. He can only request but cannot enforce the president or Government to do.

But after cratically going through Twene Jonas recent live videos there wasn’t any part where he uttered an insult to the Asantehene. Even its been more than 5 days where it started circulating that he has insulted the great King yet there hasn’t been any particular trimmed part where he made such difficult utterances.

The only time Twene Jonas mentioned Otumfuo’s name was in context of when Otumfuo denied the lies and told the truth about people present at the Galamsey Meeting.

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According to Twene Jonas he was only praising the Good King of being so bold to tell the truth.

In a recent video, he made his stand on the issues clear. Watch and listen carefully

Bad people and bad Media Houses have come to realize the amount of attention Twene Jonas has been getting and their only option is to jump and ride on the hype. We all know where this is going, it is pure hate and a way to slow Twene Jonas Down but the guy is on his way to achieving something great not for himself but for Ghana.

Start Telling people that Twene Jonas hasn’t insulted Otumfuo Osei Tutu and never can he do that.