June 12, 2021
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Twene Jonas takes Achipalago’s hype as Achipalago warn him….Video

Well, Before Twene Jonas went to USA we all knew about the role Achipalago who is also from Ghana was playing. He use to address pressing matters and use to call himself the leader of the youth or something.

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But recently as Twene Jonas started doing what he has been doing that has awaken the entire country, People has started pointing fingers at Achipalago for losing his hype to Twene Jonas the Glass nkoaa guy.

How painful can this be? In an interview with DJ Slim yesterday Achipalago has this to say

Well this isn’t about hypes and what so ever but a call to action and it doesn’t matter who says the truth because the truth is meant to be said and this is the perfect time for such awakening.

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Achipalago is claiming some Ghanaians high officials in a way is going to hunt Twene Jonas for telling them the real truth. Well we can not underrate that but what Twene Jonas has done is enough, if it happens that he isn’t going to be there no more, the youth of Ghana will remember him forever.