June 12, 2021
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Jux Prynx leads the way to the New Revolution of Gospel Music in Ghana

The Urban Gospel music is Changing gospel music from its usual solemnity to a more rhythmic perspective. This has sparked debates on what to consider as gospel song and what to consider as not. While people assume a genre like afrobeats and afro-pop to be too secular and not to be embraced, Jux Prynx in an interview with Kristoni Abrantie on Flight Fm threw more light on the need for re-orientation.

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When he was asked why he choose the afrobeats; afro-pop genre, Jux Prynx made it clear that music is dynamic and indeed gospel music has evolved over the years taking into consideration a variable like musical taste. Stating that from etymology, it is believed that hymns-singing which begun in the 18th century was the first genre to birth gospel music but we now have several gospel genres like highlife, country music, agbadza, reggae gospel, contemporary gospel, acapella, traditional gospel, spiritual gospel, among others. In this same interview on Flight Fm, Jux Prynx tells us of the need now to present the same and unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ to the world but in his dynamic and captivating way having in mind the current musical taste of the youth.

By default, we now live in a generation where rhythmic music has taken the center stage so much that in order to serve our generation’s gospel interest, we need not to overlook urban gospel music which combines genres loved by this generation such as azonto, dancehall, highlife, hip-pop, afrobeat, afro-pop, R&B, etc. Jux Prynx also cleared the waves that, although urban gospel in Ghana is highly dominated by rappers, he is not in any competition with his colleagues doing the rap gospel however, believes that in doing the afrobeat gospel music, there is the need now to be inclusive in the sense of catching the attention of those who are fans of afrobeat music. Do you know why? It is because they also need the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Finally, Jux Prynx emphasized on his versatility saying, Change, indeed, is inevitable. The only thing that doesn’t change in this world is “change” itself. We live in a world where nothing is static and so it may take some time for Ghanaians and the world at large to accept the kind of songs I am doing. Hence, it won’t be surprising seeing these changes in our gospel music and having more artists also doing the afrobeat style. Indeed, if we want to talk about the new revolution of gospel music, Jux Prynx says it is urban gospel music.