June 12, 2021
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Motor rider loses his left leg after car hit….Video

Another Street boy loses his foot after careless riding motor bike through town for amusement sake. This is one of the problems going on in Africa as fit and energetic youths play with their precious life forgetting how precious life is. This hasn’t been a good one for some of us, seeing the happiness in his eyes straight to where he crushed on a saloon car. You could see the pain and regret in his eyes, you could also hear a voice behind the camera saying how stubborn and careless the boy has been.

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You are about to watch a video that would spike your believe in how precious life is. The details of this video is know yet known, yet we can relate to the language. because already the youth in Ghana are struggling with finding jobs and making life better, This problem being said has generated and given birth to a movement called Fix the Country that we all are part trying to call the Government to hep fix the country but imagine risking your life on the street, how could the government fix this reckless attitude.

It is true such skills could be found in other Developed countries but ask yourself, can good and quality hospitals and mechanisms that would inspired the hopeless life for some benefits. In Ghana here naturally born disables are finding it difficult to survive. so my question is how will an able man put his life on the verge to risk this opportunity as being an able man

we truly need an attitude change and the government cannot do anything about this and the government cannot do any about this