June 12, 2021
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We will die for Ghana – Operation Fixthecountry Activist

Captain Smart, Abraham Ben Moshe and Twene Jonas vows to die for Fix The Country Agenda.

the three most controversial but factual analyzers Captain Smart, Avraham Ben Moshe and Twene Jonas who keeps on knocking on the government and people mandated by the Constitution to work and put Ghanaians interest forward but are not doing it, failing promises, abandoning project’s and squandering money here are there.

Watch Samather (The Ghost In Love)

She is murdered because of love but arises from her grave to fight for more love. This is a true story ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Now the Youth in Ghana had awoken and has sparked the #Fixthecountry Movement which has been trending and treathening demonstration. This is a good movement to tell the government that Ghanaians are now watching and marking unlike those old days that people easily got away with being wack

A lot of people have involved theirselves in the movement and expressed their 100% support for the movement but Captain Smart a Radio Tv program host who recently lost his job because of this project. And Avraham Ben Moshe the Leader of CSF Common sense Family and Twene Jonas another strong Ghanaian in America who keeps on bashing Ghanaian leaders to develop the country.

Far away Ghana can be see as one of the best and Developing Africa Countries which is true but we in the Country thinks there’s more than more than can be done with huge moneies that are borrowed everyday. And this is the time to send the leaders this signal. #FIXTHECOUNTRYNOW