October 27, 2021


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Samather Online Series…. On Kovs Tv


A young beautiful lady is Tortured and Murd3red because of love. Her Ghost arises from Grave to take revenge? No but to continue the love story. What really will happen

Samather is a brand new online season that is set to take the internet by Storm. It is Produced by EPB Production. It created by Tony Spirit and Produced by Silas Creatives . It has a strong true story that seeks to advise and to teach viewers about other sides of the world that we do not know. This is a very sad story though, but a story starting and ending with love never is a sad story.

Samather is very innocent girl despite how she wanted to leave her life. She fell in love with one of the dangerous richmen in the neighborhood.

The Richman who is very young loved Samather back but because of his secret society that had been his source of money wanted him to sacrifice Samather too bad which he didn’t want to but ended up doing it.

Samather d!ed in the room of The guy and he had to bury her himself. All because Samather didn’t have both his parents and no family member.

The biggest question around this Online Series is why the ghost after all what happened is still in love. And we seek to see the bottom of how this will end.

This series Features Vasco the Blogger, Phantom the Comedian, Yaa Kelly, Ob, Famud3. DJ pages. And many more

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